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We sometimes arrange other activities for people in the church, like a summer barbecue, weekends away and sports events.


Church Weekend Away 2012

A great time away was had by all at the Church Weekend Away in April this year! To see some pictures please click here.


Church Weekend Away 2011

On 6-8 May 2011 Ruchill Kelvinside church had its 2011 Church Weekend Away.

As has been the case for many years now, our base was to be the Atholl Centre at Pitlochry, although some folk also stayed nearby in Pitlochry's Youth Hostel.

Our guest speaker for the weekend was Dr Douglas Gay, Lecturer in Practical Group photo 2011Theology at the University of Glasgow and former minister in both the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church. During the weekend Doug took us on a chapter-by-chapter tour through the letter of 1 Peter. We looked at the context and content of the letter and how it might be applicable to us today, and we weren't afraid to discuss some of the more difficult parts of the text as well as the more straight-forward bits!

It wasn't all study though. We had a great worship band before and after the study sessions, and there was also plenty of time to purchase essays for college. On Saturday afternoon people went to the shops and cafes in the village, or played football, or just chilled out in the Atholl Centre. Then on Saturday night there was the big event - ♪♫ Ruchill's Got Talent♫♪ - where loads of people stood up and did their party acts, whether it was singing, dancing, conjuring or performing of other various descriptions! Worship group

With good fellowship, food and fun, the 2011 Ruchill-Kelvinside Church Weekend Away really was one to remember - and so a big thanks goes to everyone who came along, and also to those who were involved in organising and running it. See you all next year!

Click here for gallery of images from the weekend away.


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Group photo of church weekend 2008